A huge thank you to all those who gave their time to make the We Cross Cancer story come to life:


Many of the people you see in this video are Albertans who have faced or are currently facing cancer, as well as staff and friends and family. We are grateful for their time, vulnerability and generosity.

Lead Cast

Yvette Mitchell

Supporting Cast

Husband – Rob Tryon

Daughter – Freya

Cross Cancer Institute Volunteer Association

Wayne Mole

Harold Hoffmann

Evelyn Anderson

Andrea Ferguson

Cross Cancer Institute Staff Members

David Dyer

Dr. Christa Aubrey

Carole Gallagher

Kristyn Russell

Kitta Thavone

Kevin Kvamme

Clayton Kozak

Caroline Maguire

Courtney Ambury

Ilda Dias

Kristen Deines

William Jones


Our agency based in Edmonton created a strong, compelling, emotional brand that would compel people to give and raise awareness for our campaign that will ensure even better and more innovative treatment options for patients at the Cross Cancer Institute. Their team of experts drew on the Edmonton and Albertan spirit and the idea that we can do more when we do it together.



Morgan Gold


Morgan Gold

Line Producer

Dante Sutton

1st AD – Anthony Goertz

2nd AD – Delbert Lewis

DOP – Kris Belchevski

1st AC – Jurek Osterfeld

2nd AC – Leah Harman

Swing – Ty Ferguson

Dolly – Grip Victor Solo

Grip – Thaimu Turay

Grip – Gabriel Lima

Gaffer – Luke Macphee

Audio (post) – Jesse Luce

Prod. Designer – Quinn Enright

Art PA – Michelle Kreuger

Art PA – Grace Zimmel

Hair – Yvette Mitchell

Makeup – Amber prepchuk

Wardrobe – Caitlin Varrin

PA – Hamna Tahir

PA – Adam Borman

PA – Mel Swerdan